AVA’s security solutions are designed to keep you and your business safe from intruders, theft and damage.

Our client’s safety is at the forefront of everything we do and we understand that every business is unique in terms of its needs. We are able to offer a number of security services to ensure you are getting the package that is right for you.



As experts in the installation of CCTV for commercial premises, our engineers are able to advise you on exactly what you need to keep your business safe from theft and vandalism.

The technology systems we use produce the highest quality images to provide the best deterrent for would-be intruders and give you the safest working environment.

We can offer wiring, mounting and the installation of CCTV systems at a competitive price while maintaining your system and upgrading it when needed.

Other options include night vision or infrared cameras as well as motion sensors that automatically record when there are signs of movement.

Footage can be accessed and monitored on-site or remotely using computers and even a mobile phone.

Benefits of using AVA for your CCTV needs include:

  • – An increased deterrent
  • – A safer working environment
  • – The latest technology
  • – A tailored package to suit your needs
  • – High-quality images
  • – Motion sensors
  • – Infra-red and night vision camera


Video entry

Video entry is now crucial when it comes to ensuring the safety of your business. This allows you to visually identify someone before granting them access to your building. Our experienced AVA engineers can provide the most up-to-date and technologically advanced systems to ensure the highest level of safety.

We have an extensive range of products through our relationship with leading manufacturers and can also offer audio systems and intercom systems.


Intruder detection

AVA offer a wide range of different systems utilising the latest technology to ensure your premises and assets are secure. We can offer audible alarms designed to deter intruders and draw attention to any break-ins as well as silent alarms that alert emergency services.

To enquire about our security systems and any other services, please visit our contact us page or call
us on 01273 855713.