Lightning protection and earthing

Lightning protection is vital when it comes to protecting your building and the people in it. According to the Met Office, lightning strikes around 44 times every second around the world and it can have devastating effects for your company.

AVA’s lightning protection systems are designed to protect your structures from fire and destruction while ensuring people in the building are kept safe.

We understand how important that is to our clients and can take you through every step of the process from design and installation to maintenance. Each job we do is different and we are capable of tailoring our designs to meet your specific requirements.


How our lightning protection systems work

Modern-day lightning protection systems were developed from the lightning rod, which was first detailed by Benjamin Franklin. Nowadays, the lightning rod is perhaps the least important part of a complex system designed to ensure the safety of a building and its occupants in the event of a direct lightning strike.

Lightning protection systems work by intercepting a direct strike via an air-termination system that safely discharges the lightning current to the earth through a down-conductor system.

It then distributes the lightning current in the ground via an earth-termination system, preventing dangerous sparking in a building by establishing equipotential binding or keeping a separation between the components of the lightning protection system and other electricity conducting elements.

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