Data installation, telephones and IT

At AVA, connections matter to us and we know they matter to you. We offer a diverse range of solutions for your data needs and telephone and IT systems, using a team of highly skilled and qualified experts.


Data installation

AVA are able to provide the design and installation of data cables for any commercial premises that is specifically tailored to meet your requirements. Your data cabling could last for more than 20 years so choosing the right company is extremely important.

We realise that businesses are built to grow and that technology is always changing. With that in mind, our systems are always designed to be flexible so they can change as you do to meet the demands of an ever-changing landscape.


AVA services include:

  • – Full design, installation and testing package
  • – Installation of ethernet cables
  • – Fibre optic installation
  • – Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 and Cat8 installations
  • – Integrated networks
  • – Data centre cabling installations
  • – Wireless network audits and surveys
  • – Microwave and radio installations


Telephone systems

Whatever your business, a bespoke telephone system designed and installed by AVA can help you connect better with your clients and customers.

Before installing a new system, you will need sufficient cabling which AVA can also provide. We always use the latest technology and can provide cost-effective installations through our relationships with key providers as well as upgrades to your current system.

AVA services include:

  • – Design and installation
  • – Upgrades to existing systems
  • – Maintenance
  • – Data cabling before systems are installed
  • – VoIP systems


VoIP phone system installation

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows users to make and receive calls using the internet by converting analog audio into a digital format.

Put simply, it means you can use the internet to make calls. We are capable of installing this new technology to the highest standard using our expert engineers.

A VoIP system installed by AVA comes with many benefits that include:

Unrivaled reliability

As it relies purely on the internet, a VoIP system is not affected by factors such as bad weather or lack of phone signal. Providing you have a good wireless network, it will run smoothly, giving you peace of mind that was not available before.


Increased productivity

Users are able to take the office with them with VoIP and make a call wherever there is an internet connection. It can be assigned to both an office phone and a designated mobile so both ring at the same time, meaning you will never a miss an important call again. This is an excellent way to increase productivity and can help to increase company revenue and prevent loss.



Having a reliable internet connection for a business is vital and AVA can provide a tailored wireless network to meet your needs.

To enquire about our data installation, telephones and IT services and any other services, please visit our contact us page or call us on 01273 855713.